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How to work with the Model

Interaction with the model can be difficult to get the right images you want as a photographer. Then from the models side she can’t see what she looks like to know if he or she is doing the right thing. Communication is key and using the right verbiage so you have a comfortable atmosphere.

During this workshop you will learn key things regarding how to communicate with the model, how the model should be posing to make your images turn out the best.

This workshop will be taught by Tony Clapp and models will be Brittany Price & Chelsea Marie. To sign up or for more details send a message on our contact form.

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  1. Hi Chelsea.
    I would be interested in seeing what the schedule is for the workshop “How to work with the Model”, as well as the price.

    I am located in Omaha, but may visit the Denver / CSprings area a few times this year. I have done a lot of landscape and aviation work, and have been adding more people to my portfolio. A lot has been “urban modeling”, but want to focus more on artistic/boudoir, fashion, glamour, etc. Although it is easy to pickup on the technical side, I am looking for more help with the soft skills such as communication and posing.



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